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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 6:03 AM
:new: fixed hyperlinks !! go check them out ! VERY worth it !

The interviews of



when :iconnotreforteressebrule: meets :iconsilvernium:

Dear friends of the Fortress, it is with great pleasure that we are resuming our most infamous Interviews! It has been a loooong and dreary year for both lombregrise and I and it is still a very hectic time for both of us and especially him, but we are pleased to introduce another outsanding member of our (still very much ) Burning Fortress : Nicki aka silvernium  The interviews are Frantz's domaine, he is the creative genius, I am the techie, but I do hope that this one will nevertheless help you get to know this very talented and interesting poet. Without further ado, here's Nicki and her (excellent) music selection -  

1. Hello Silvernium! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a fairly private person, which contrasts rather sharply with being a soul baring poet. The best thing I can ever do is describe what I am into right now. I move on a lot from (and go back to) various influences. My current attentions are on:

I’m doing an ancient philosophy interest course. In the course we revisted Parmenides whose ‘Proem’, and most especially the part ‘The Way of Truth’ drives me nuts. I’m always asking why .. always have done. Our lecturer said artists pose questions, but it is philosophers’ who provide an argument using the tools of logic and reason. I will always prefer the artistic approach, for often a new way of looking at things provides answers – and in art, from where do those answers really come?

I’m collecting art prints of Hokusai and Hiroshige to place around the house. This stems in part from being at Claude Monet’s house at and seeing all the Japanese artwork on the walls. I love the influences Japanese artists made on the Impressionists. I have a couple of Monet prints so these will fit together nicely.

Recent movies I have enjoyed are ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ and ‘The Great Beauty’. They complement my questions of the why and what for’s of love (Blue) and existence (Beauty). The ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ was a nice frivolous adventure also.

Books .. hmmmm … I went back to some Baudelaire recently .. and I would urge you to read “Get Drunk!”. I also carry around a book of Basho haiku:

New Year – the Basho-Tosei
a-buzz with haiku.

No moon, no flowers,
no friend –
and he drinks sake.

No hat, and cold
rain falling –

All from ‘On Love and Barley – Haiku of Basho’ , Penguin Classics.
(sophienote : most excellent choices ...)

everything else
Other influences are always zen, the moon, merlot, lovely soups and teas, and dare I say, my happy browsing times over the net and dA for art and poetry.

2. You use different forms of poetry to express yourself, but you do seem to favour the short and eastern forms. Tell us more about it!

I don’t use words excessively, and often what I want to put down is best left to a simple layout. I want poetry to take you places, just as it takes me places. Only the catch is, you the reader of the words are asked to step in and take the journey further. Poems I create can be seen as stepping stones (both for me, and for you).

3. Please share one of your favourite pieces with us and tell us why it is your favourite

Hmmm, they would be my journey pieces. I have a few projects going that I am still adding to. They can be found in my ‘writing projects’… gallery. ‘365 vignettes project’… is probably the deepest one of the lot. It’s where I go when I am called there.

For poems other than journey pieces I tend to love them and leave them. Rather than hanging on to a specific poem it is the blank page I love, the ‘be here right now and see what wants to come up experience’. Most of my writing is unedited, I write straight to dA and post. There are a lot of hidden ones in my storage area here on dA, that were composed, I posted and then thought … OMG no! It is straight to storage with those ones. Guess I really do have a closet full of poetic skeletons.

4. What is your greatest source of inspiration? Why?

Oooooh. Well. Universe external, and essence, internal. They always are.

5. And now it is time for our (in)famous cultural question. Can you tell us who said the following: “The cure for everything is salt water: tears, sweat or the sea”

a) Marie Curie
b) Tyrion Lannister
c) Karen von Blixen-Finecke
d) Lionel Richie

That is a lovely saying. It really is. I’ll take Lionel Richie, but really, I have no idea!
(sophienote: AH. Lionel could have totally said that! - It was Karen von Blixen-Finecke, a quote from the movie "Out of Africa")

6. You’re living in a beautiful country. Tell us more about the poets of New-Zealand

Well, Mr James K. Baxter was a very prolific New Zealand poet. My absolute favourite works of his are the Jurusalem Sonnents.…

Another amazing poet to check out is Hinemoana Baker

7. Pick a deviation that you particularly like on dA – doesn’t have to be poetry; and tell us more about it.

elia-illustration.deviantart.c… by elia-illustration . It is beautiful. My interpretation of it is ‘The universe outside us is the same inside us’. She shows something so profound so simply.

8. ahHA! And now it is time for the Greyshadow’s questionnaire *tun dun dun*

a. Amongst the five traditional elements, which one do you feel represents you best?
Water. I equate water with yin. Inner darkness .. and contrasting light. Inner flow.

b. One of your favorite quotes?
As per my dA signature:
"I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world."
- Socrates

c. Your favorite season?
Summer. Even Summer in Wellington is not all that flash. Summer temps average around 18-20 degrees celsius at the best part of the day (if you are lucky!).

d. The thing or being in which you would like to be reincarnated in?
A celestial star.

e. Image or music?
Let me think on this. Images are static, and create poetry for me. To most images I simply have to apply my gaze and free flow pen to paper (or keyboard to screen). Music certainly stirs the emotions more and lets me travel, but that can be to both highs and lows. Sometimes I prefer the connection to inner vision I enjoy with art, it is a very direct and personal experience.

f. A sensation that you love? That you hate?
LOVE. A warm breeze blowing (hardly ever happens in Wellington).
HATE. The smell of any liqueur that is coconut… . I like coconut but the liqueur is likely to induce me to show you my stomach lining.

g. The question that you would like to have an answer to?
Something I would have to ask the muse mentioned in h. In fact I’d ask the universe very much the same thing – the why of it all.

h. Who or what was the greatest influence in your life?
Ah. I once had a real muse. One who caused me to write a little on love, and a tonne on loss. What comes after loss? For me, only the creative zone we can access with art really helps with that.

i. Your favorite curse word?
If I am being polite (sophienote: NO! please don't!</b>) ... it is possibly “Good Grief” … as Charlie Brown would always say. I was a sort of Peanuts fan when I was young, but truer to say, I was a total Snoopy fan. If I am not being polite, it is simply F**K! (sophienote: NOW we are talking)

j. Ask a question to our readers!
What is influencing YOU currently? Please share. We may possibly all find new roads to travel if you do.

9) Thank you so much dear Nicki for taking the time to answer our questions; I will leave it to you to conclude this interview:

Remember to live your art. There is true joy in experiencing the process of creating,

Thank you Nicki for taking the time to answer our questions! It was a real pleasure (and a VERY long time coming ;p )
Please take the time visit her beautiful, peaceful gallery and to answer her question in the comments section below !

Art by :iconsilvernium:

albatrosseseverything has been so very blue
of late. love seems like a new
thing the first time. I have been
pondering albatrosses. the great
beauty of life is what you simply
cannot put words to. they dance
around each other perfecting their
steps and narrowing their choices.
knowing that the one you never
could quite believe in actually does
live and breathe is the miracle.
they cross vast distances and oceans
with little effort. when they are
gone your distances are blue. the sky
and oceans are nothing to this. to
scream into the universe for the loss
of such love with all you have takes
all you were and all you are.
I tell Sophie
about being
in love with
(out the window)
autumn has
bounded in
with a white
un-cold heart
we cannot see
(in the office)
here we talk
my niche
is lost
well, perhaps
just undiscovered
Sophie also
loves fog
and running
she will
run into
(my white space)
time for
hunkering without
a niche
its just
nice to
white space
today's entryhe asks
if we (poets)
keep diaries
aren't poems
I wonder
shopping lists
he says
are a kind of diary
I bought Nurofen
and a six pack of beer

look straight into the voidlook straight
into the void
do not think
about not looking
do not think
about thinking
look straight
as white noise
fades to silence
from far shores(1)
it is a place
where mist meets
water and water
meets land
it is a place
we drift to
and from self
meeting self
we drew lines
in the sand
allowing spaces
we wandered
and traced
gull prints
leaving our own
before the sea
washes the face
of our landscape
it is a light
when all is
far away,
until dawn,
until then
caught between
a storm and
eerie calm
tracks hold
us here
make of this
whatever you see
I see hills and mist
they shroud each other
like we shroud each other
and we reflect into
our inner worlds
just as they hold their
images to the water
looming, floating over
a wave holds
the back
of the next
and the last
holds that one
the laws
of nature
and of self
holding fast
this light
into self
and into other
above the lands
sunlight tints
the airy depths
below and from
here everything
is calling
in presence
night of the big moonI didn't pack a poetry book
for the trip
I had a message from North Island
  look at that moon!

and there was moon
hanging over the hill
from South Island I messaged back
about the moon hanging over that hill

recently North Island was given another name
     and South Island too
but tonight let us have no names
 you are you and I am me
and our family spans too many places
    this wonderful old sky orb
can be seen here and there and home
    and hearts are still close when far
what are those new Island names? In time,
 we will know them in time
    but it is things without time,
these things are what I want us to know
 and you don't have to like poetry,
I see poets all the time,
   look at the moon!
the poet says. my heart is full;
books unpacked and unrequired
 as the moon sinks to the hill.

haiku on passing awayillness
you were whiter
than death
- peace now, love
the nectarines are still hard
they will be sweet
- you should have waited
untoldcan I tell you about
cherry blossoms? no.
my heart just breaks again
over there nowon the other side
of a broken heart
you understand cracks
how they divide
what was whole
how deep
a chasm is
how ether
is between
all depth
and maybe
we aren't ready
for that kind
of knowing
it is easier
to be wrapped
in belief
than to be broken

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